The label was established in 1998, where we through the years have worked with a great number of wonderful artists in multiple genres.

Note that we rarely sign bands / artists, feel free to contact us if you are looking for a label, but please note we only reply to submissions that catch our interest.

Our latest productions:

    "Tanker som rir natten"

    Released as:
    Deluxe LP (blue/black vinyl)
    LP (indie exclusive, white vinyl)
    LP (b/w sleeve, black vinyl)
    LP (reissue 2022, red vinyl)
    Deluxe CD (digibook)
    CD (jewelcase)
    CD (digipack, inverted cross sleeve, brazil only)
    Cassette (european version)
    Cassette (north american version)


PALEFEATHER "Palefeather" LP (ltd vinyl pressing)

LETHE "Gamma" 7" (ltd vinyl only pressing)

DESCEND "The Deviant" LP / CD