When ordering from us it may be wise to read this information first.

- Its strongly adviced to save on shipping where you can, and even maybe ordering with friends to avoid the high postage rates.
Note that for usual shipments, it cost the same to ship 1 LP as for 2 LPs. And not much more to ship up to 5 LPs. 
Also for CDs its often the same cost to ship 1 CD as 3 (or a combination with other items).
- We do ship worldwide, but please note there are some countries that require registered parcels (Brazil), so that is a extra cost.
- We try to ship all orders within 24-72 hours, depending on the workload we currently have.
This is a one-man business, keep that in mind also if you have an enquiry, it may be busy.
- There is no tracking for shipments under 2 kg (parcel). If you require tracking, ask first, but its really not a cheap option (mostly it raise the shipping cost about 20 euro)
- Delivery times may vary alot from country and region, note that some countries have a very slow service, especially during special situations (for example to Latin America during the covid-crisis it takes a long, long time, often 4-6 months!).
Normal delivery times are around 14-20 days to USA/Canada, 10-14 days southern Europe and 3-10 days northern/west/eastern Europe. 
(Norge:  cirka 2-3 dager)

If you have any questions, we can be reached via email (haavard@aftermath-music.com) or at the social medias below. No phone calls, please.